ERASMUS Incoming Office
Seminarstr. 2
69117 Heidelberg

Office hours (room 32):
Mon - Wed: 10 - 12 am
Thursday:     1 - 3 pm

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Academic Calendar

The academic year is divided into summer term and winter term

Winter semester
1 October - 31 March

Summer semester
1  April - 30  September

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Studying in Heidelberg via ERASMUS (Incoming)

The University of Heidelberg has been working closely with other European universities since the inception of the ERASMUS programme in 1987. Every year about 400 students come to Heidelberg to study thanks to the ERASMUS programme. In turn, at least the same number of students from Heidelberg goes abroad to study at other European universities. The exchange plays an important role in sustaining Heidelberg’s cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Information about studying with ERASMUS

Orientation Days

Studying at a German university

Language Skills

Information for disabled and chronically ill students (Ger)



Important Documents

Application, Admission and Enrolment

Health Insurance

Financing your studies

Registration of residence and residence permit

Extension of your studies in Heidelberg


Living in Heidelberg

Stadt HeidelbergHeidelberg – the name stands for the world-famous castle, the picturesque Old Town with all its charm, the inviting landscape between the Odenwald and the Rhine Valley, and for Germany’s oldest university and an internationally known centre of science and research. [More...]



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