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Health Insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for all Heidelberg University students. Students from European Union member states whose health expenses are covered in their own country must be able to submit form E128 or the European health insurance card (EHIC). These are issued by the health insurance authorities of the students’ home countries; upon arrival in Germany, the form or the card must be presented to a German health insurance company. The health insurance company then issues the student with a certificate of exemption. This certificate of exemption must then be presented to the Akademisches Auslandsamt upon enrolment. A list of health insurance company addresses can be obtained from the Akademisches Auslandsamt in room 33.

Students who cannot be exempted will need to make health insurance arrangements with a public health insurance company (gesetzliche Krankenkasse) or with a private health insurance company. At present, the cost of health insurance for one semester (six months) is approximately Euro 330.

Since German student health insurance only covers the period after university enrolment, i.e. only from 1 September/1 April respectively, we recommend that students take out extra insurance at home for the period between arrival and enrolment. Students may take out health insurance from at home for the whole semester/academic year, provided that it offers a sufficient level of coverage.

Also, we strongly recommend that students take out personal liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung) after arrival. This insurance covers cases in which the property of a third party is damaged or a third person is injured (e.g. in a biking accident or as a pedestrian). This type of insurance can be arranged in Germany or in your country of residence.

Financing your studies

Heidelberg University assumes that foreign students have sufficient funds for covering their living costs.

Living in Heidelberg is expensive. You have to expect about 600 Euro per month. The rent in a student residence is between 180-250 Euro, private accommodation can be way more expensive. Please consider that you will need considerable funds at the beginning of your stay to cover a rent deposit, the first monthly rent and the semester ticket.