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Bernhard Eitel Re-Elected Rector

In a joint session, the members of the University Council and the Senate voted by a large majority in favour of the 59-year-old scientist, who is to serve a third term at the helm of Heidelberg University. [More...]

Proposals for “European Universities”

The 4EU+ European University Alliance, an association of universities with a strong research focus, is applying for funding within the framework of the first call for pro­posals of the “European Universities”. [More...]

National Climate Policy Pays Off

The efforts of developed economies to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by boosting the use of renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency are beginning to pay off. [More...]

Beginning Of The End Of An Open Star Cluster

Researchers at Heidelberg University have now verified the existence of a tidal tail in the star cluster closest to the Sun, the Hyades. An analysis of measurements from the Gaia satellite led to the discovery. [More...]

A Volcanic Binge And Its Frosty Hangover

Researchers from Heidelberg University and colleagues from Mexico have discovered remnants of a large igneous province that resulted from vast lava flows. At the time, it extended over three continents. [More...]

Bifacial Stem Cells

So-called bifacial stem cells are responsible for one of the most critical growth processes on Earth: the for­ma­tion of wood. A team of researchers at Heidelberg Uni­ver­si­ty were recently able to demonstrate this. [More...]

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The Polyfunctionality of Script on Medieval Badges

Prof. Dr. Ann Marie Rasmussen, University of Waterloo (Kanada), Germanic and Slavic Studies

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