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A Volcanic Binge And Its Frosty Hangover

Researchers from Heidelberg University and colleagues from Mexico have discovered remnants of a large igneous province that resulted from vast lava flows. At the time, it extended over three continents. [More...]

Two Junior Professorships in AI

Heidelberg University will be home to two of the ten junior professorships in artificial intelligence (AI) recently set up by the state. Baden-Württemberg Minister of Science made the announcement. [More...]

Beginning Of The End Of An Open Star Cluster

Researchers at Heidelberg University have now verified the existence of a tidal tail in the star cluster closest to the Sun, the Hyades. An analysis of measurements from the Gaia satellite led to the discovery. [More...]

Sulfate Helps Plants Cope With Water Scarcity

An research team led by scientists from Heidelberg University has un­co­vered how sulfate controls the production of the drought stress hormone in plants and thus contributes to their drought-resistance. [More...]

Bifacial Stem Cells

So-called bifacial stem cells are responsible for one of the most critical growth processes on Earth – the for­ma­tion of wood. A team of researchers at Heidelberg Uni­ver­si­ty were recently able to demonstrate this. [More...]

Open star clusters live longer than assumed

A study under the direction of Associate Professor Dr Geneviève Parmentier at the Centre for Astronomy now shows that open star clusters can have a much longer lifespan than previously assumed. [More...]

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