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DFG Funding For Collaborative Research Centres

Heidelberg University succeeded in gaining support from the German Research Foundation (DFG) in the latest approval round, receiving funding for three research networks. [More...]

Motor And Energy Store In One

Physicists and material scientists from the universities in Heidelberg and Strasbourg (France) have succeeded in constructing a motor and an energy storage device from one single component. [More...]

Water-Saving Grasses

Dr Michael Raissig and his team are studying how grasses form “breathing” pores on their leaves. The research group will receive funding from the DFG totalling approximately 1.5 million euros. [More...]

ERC Advanced Grant For Hellmut Augustin

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a highly endowed grant – an ERC Advanced Grant for leading researchers in Europe – to experimental pathologist Prof. Dr Hellmut Augustin. [More...]

Research Training Group in Particle Physics

A research training group to explore topical issues in particle physics – the RTG 1940 “Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model” – will continue its work for another four and a half years. [More...]

How Intestinal Cells Renew Themselves

Researchers gained new insights into the role of centro­meric proteins that regulate cell division. The studies reveal that these proteins also play an important part in cell differentiation and tissue renewal. [More...]

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