Entrepreneurial Skills ModulesThe next INNVATION SCHOOL starts in February

15 November 2022

From 15 February to 31 March 2023, the INNOVATION SCHOOL of the transfer agency hei_INNOVATION of Heidelberg University will take place. The course offers students, young academics and alumni*ae an experimental space in the field of entrepreneurship, in which they can learn innovative methods for building business models and product development based on real challenges. Registration is possible until 6 February 2022.

Innovation School by hei_INNOVATION

The INNOVATION SCHOOL 2023 is a project-based course in which participants work in interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative ideas, initial prototypes and business models for real-life challenges. This year, the challenges are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to foster ingenuity, creativity and innovative design to develop environmentally, socially and economically sustainable solutions. Under the guidance of professional coaches and mentors, teams are guided through the entire innovation cycle and learn to apply cutting-edge innovation methods and practical skills from the broad field of entrepreneurship.

The INNOVATION SCHOOL is part of the Entrepreneurial Skills Module. Successful completion of the programme can be certified with 5 credit points. The programme can be credited towards the Entrepreneurial Skills Certificate. The Entrepreneurial Skills Modules offer undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral students from all disciplines a variety of courses in entrepreneurship. The modules can be taken individually and attendance is certified, or you can combine them as part of a broad undergraduate education certified by the Entrepreneurial Skills Certificate.