Application for the 1st academic semester MasterMaster of Education: the Supplementary Teaching Programme

Heidelberg University is offering the option of studying a third subject for the teaching degree for Gymnasium secondary schools in the scope of supplementary Master courses.   

At the time of application, students must either be enrolled in a polyvalent Bachelor course (2 subjects, 50% each) with teaching degree option or in the Master of Education profile ‘teaching degree Gymnasium’ at Heidelberg University. Teachers already working in that job with a completed state examination or Master of Education may also apply for a university place. The supplementary subject can only be completed following completion of the Master of Education degree (or an equivalent one, e.g. 1st state examination). 

Please check our Study Programme Finder to verify that your desired degree programme components are eligible in the Master of Education at Heidelberg University. The Stuy Programme Finder will also provide information tailored to your application profile and specific to your degree programme

Supplementary teaching subjects for the Master of Education