FundingUniversity Research Prizes

Environmental Award of the Viktor and Sigrid Dulger Foundation

The award endowed with 10,000 euros is given in recognition of an outstanding final or master’s thesis, doctoral or habilitation dissertation in the field of environmental research.

Funding amount: € 10,000
Disciplines: all disciplines
Sponsor/funding institution: Viktor and Sigrid Dulger Foundation
Call for proposalsRectorate
Cycle: annual

Heidelberg Award for Theory Development in Classical Philology

The prize is awarded for the best work by a young scholar in the fields of Greek and Latin literature, philology, and cultural studies.

Funding amount: € 1,500 and gratis printing in the “Library of Classical Studies”
Disciplines: Classical philology
Sponsor/funding institution: Department of Classical Philology
Call for proposals: Department of Classical Philology
Cycle: annual

James W.C. Pennington Award

The James W.C. Pennington Award is given to scholars who do research on the topics of slavery and emancipation, peace, education, reform, civil rights, religion, and intercultural understanding.

Funding amount: Variable funding amount plus a month-long research stay in Heidelberg as well as a public lecture at the award ceremony.
Disciplines: all disciplines
Sponsor/funding institution: Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA), Faculty of Theology.
Call for proposals: Rectorate
Cycle: annual

Karl Jaspers Prize

The award is presented every three years for an outstanding academic work firmly grounded in the spirit of philosophy. The prize was created in 1983 by the city of Heidelberg and Heidelberg University to commemorate the 100th birthday of Heidelberg Philosopher Karl Jaspers.

Funding amount: € 25,000 
Disciplines: Philosophy, psychiatry
Sponsor/funding institution: Heidelberg University, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, City of Heidelberg
Call for proposals: Rectorate
Cycle: every 3 years

Klaus-Georg and Sigrid Hengstberger Awards for Young Scientists at Heidelberg University

Every year, three Klaus-Georg and Sigrid Hengstberger Awards are given to individual or co-operating young scholars or scientists (ideally not more than three members per team) at Heidelberg University. It is intended to enable the recipient to conduct a scientific symposium at the International Academic Forum Heidelberg (IWH). Applicants should be post-doctoral scholars with an outstanding academic record.

Funding amount: € 12,500 
Disciplines: all disciplines
Sponsor/funding institution: Hengstberger Foundation
Call for proposals: Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH)
Cycle: annually at the end of the winter semester

Lautenschläger Research Prize of Heidelberg University

The Lautenschläger Research Prize of Heidelberg University is awarded every two years to scientists and scholars at or collaborating with Heidelberg University and who have an outstanding record of achievement.

Funding amount: € 250,000 
Disciplines: all disciplines
Sponsor/funding institution: Manfred Lautenschläger Stiftung / Heidelberg University
Call for proposals: Rectorate
Cycle: every 2 years

Manfred Lautenschläger Award for Theological Promise

The „Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise“ awards outstanding doctoral or first post-doctoral works which adress the topic „God and Spirituality (as broadly understood)".

Funding amount: Ten prizes of 3.000 US-Dollars each
Disciplines: all disciplines
Sponsor/funding institution: Manfred Lautenschläger Stiftung (Ger) / Research Center for International and Interdisciplinary Theology (FIIT)
Call for proposals: FIIT
Cycle: annual

MTZ® BioQuant Award for Systems Biology

The prize is awarded annually for an exceptional Heidelberg scientific publication in the field of systems biology. Eligible candidates are outstanding postdocs who completed their dissertations no longer than two to three years ago.

Funding amount: The prize is endowed with a minimum of € 2,500, a maximum of € 5,000. 
Disciplines: Systems biology
Nomination: Nominations must be submitted from professors of the Medical Faculty and Faculty for Biosciences of Heidelberg University, the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) and the Theoretical Bioinformatics Department at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ).
Sponsor/funding institution: MTZ® Foundation
Call for proposals: BIOQUANT board of directors issues call for proposals to all participating faculties and associated centres at the beginning of the summer semester.
Cycle: annual

Ruprecht-Karls Prizes

The Ruprecht-Karls prizes are awarded for outstanding scholarly works from all fields. Five publishable first works will be recognised, primarily dissertations.

Funding amount: Five prizes of € 3,000 euros each.
Disciplines: all disciplines
Nomination: Faculties
Sponsor/funding institution: Heidelberg University Foundation
Call for proposals: Rectorate
Cycle: annual