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The Lautenschläger Research Prize

Prize Winner 2015: Prof. Dr.Axel Michaels

Prof. Dr.Axel MichaelsIndologist Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels, director of the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” and researcher at the South Asia Institute (SAI) of Heidelberg University, will receive the Lautenschläger Research Prize endowed with 250,000 euros. In his work on the cultural and religious history of South Asia, Axel Michaels combines text studies and ethnographic research in a unique way, and thus established a new area of research known as “Ethno-Indology”. [More...]

Three essentials for a research prize: a renowned university, a generously endowed award and a donor

The Lautenschläger Research Prize of the University of Heidelberg dates from 2001 and is awarded to outstanding scientists or scholars actively engaged in research. It is endowed with 250,000 euros. The award is designed to support recipients in the realisation of incipient or ongoing research projects and more especially to encourage international cooperation in the relevant field and the involvement of upcoming generations of scholars and scientists in those projects.

Recipients of the Prize will be either internationally respected members of the University of Heidelberg itself or researchers from elsewhere with a distinctive and intensive record of academic collaboration with the University.

Scientists and scholars from all disciplines are eligible for the Prize, whether they are active in the sciences and medicine, the arts and humanities or the social sciences. In terms of eligibility, no distinction is made between application-oriented and basic research.

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