hei_TRACKS - Support for junior researchers Bridging Funding

Introducing the option of bridging funding for independent junior researchers on the path to professorship within the framework of the heiTRACKS programme

For independent junior researchers who from July 1st, 2021 acquire an ERC Starting Grant or a DFG Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group Leader, Heidelberg University offers bridging funding as part of its heiTRACKS programme for the promotion of young researchers. Subject to a positive evaluation, the position of the junior research group leader will continue to be financed until a professorship is attained (but for a maximum of three years). The evaluation takes place at the end of the fourth year of the project and includes as criteria (1) the successful acquisition of further third-party funding, amounting to at least 200,000 EUR and (2) subject-specific outstanding and independent publication achievements.

Please note: Bridging funding does not apply to the Medical Faculties Mannheim and Heidelberg.

For further questions on bridging funding and advice on the application procedures for ERC Starting Grants and the DFG Emmy Noether programme, please contact the project manager(s) responsible for your area of research in the Heidelberg Research Service of the Research Division (D6).

Heidelberg Research Service – Advisory Service and Project Administration