Department 6.2: Heidelberg Research Service – Advisory Service and Project Administration

The department helps researchers obtain funding for third-party projects and provides administrative support. It assists in locating the appropriate funder, completing the application process, developing financial and work plans and creating expense reports. [More...]


Responsibility Contacts
Head of Department; Advisory Service Dr. Günther R. Mittler
EU Liaison Officer Dr. Christoph Siart
Heidelberg Research Service – Advisory Service and Project Management  


Dr. Simon Kopp

Legal Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Behavioural and Cultural Studies

Dr. Sandra Fernau

Life Sciences

Dr. Kristin Marie Krewenka

Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Christoph Siart
TRAIN4EU+ Dr. Anne Jürgens
Information Management, Web Office Sebastian Wallenstein
Work Contracts The internal audit team (Ms Schönig-Erdinger) has taken over the examination of work and remuneration contracts.
Heidelberg Research Service – Administration of Third-Party Funding and Review of Expense Reports  

DFG - Life Sciences

Ariane Neideck Jost

DFG - Humanities and Social Sciences

Nicole Nieder (parental leave)

Verena Pisot

DFG - Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer science; IWR

Silke Röser

EU; Third-party Funding Reports, Third-party Funding Reports and Controlling

Silvia Rackevei

BMBF and other Federal Funds

Ines Braunecker

Industry, Events

Sabine Müller

Foundations, other Third-party Funds

Sarah Knoke

International Projects and DAAD

Dashmaa Tserennadmid

Donation Receipts; Patent Administration; Scholarships

Daniela Hoffmann (parental leave)

Maria Hillenbrand


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