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Department 4.1: Budget and Procurement

The department is responsible for two functional areas: budget and central procurement. Their services include advising budget organisations in financial matters, allocating quality assurance funds and consulting on their use. The department manages formal contract award processes such as calls for proposals and negotiations, concludes framework agreements for various goods and services, and assists with the procurement of equipment such as furnishings and copiers. The department also assists with the application process for major equipment and puts measures in place for appointments and retention.

Department Head and Administrative Office / Department Reception

Responsibility Contact

Department head and deputy division head

Basic issues related to budget, financing, quality assurance funds, procurement and facilities management

Preparation and execution of university budget including cameral year-end closing

Thomas Oldenburg

Management of department reception

  • Administrative office of department management including correspondence and schedule coordination for the department head
  • Mail distribution
  • Administration of sick leave and holiday records
  • Materials ordering and distribution
  • Issue of youth hostel cards

Yvonne Hambauer

Staff unit for budgetary issues

  • Funds allocation / budget consolidation
  • Financial analyses and reserves management for academic and non-academic institutions
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Performance-oriented budgeting – budget negotiations and target-setting, as required
  • Sustainability planning
  • SWOT design and strengths/weaknesses analyses
  • Benchmarking and bibliometrics

Angela Schröder

Sybille Schmiedel

Tatjana Scroggie


Budget section

Responsibility Contact

Section head and deputy department head

  • Basic financing and budget issues
  • Organisation of financial accounting for the university

Budget issues of the faculties and central institutions

Approval of advances on succeeding budgets for basic equipment

Support for SAP Budget Management module

Equipment relocation and transfer of ownership

Property damage reimbursement to civil servants and third parties
Daniela Scheible

Budget planning

  • Financial plan
  • Staff cars

Execution of budget/financial plan including management, funds distribution/budgeting, further charging if needed, controlling

  • Accounting of discretionary funds/account statement for rectorate
  • Central overhead funds
  • Additional outlays of centrally managed funds such as representation funds, “Studium Generale,” university sports, Collegium Musicum, wreath donations, court costs, memberships, telephone (Vodafone, university administration only)
  • Collection of central funds and administrative/general portion of fee and other costs

Annual financial statement tasks for the above-cited areas

  • Write-offs and deferrals
  • Cash receipt sites

Training representative

Sandra Reutner

Budget planning

  • Initial provisioning activities

Execution of budget/financial plan including management, funds distribution/budgeting, further charging if needed, controlling and settlement of

  • Allocation to the construction budget (central funds, HS 2012)
  • Initial provisioning activities
  • Appointments and retention negotiations
  • Additional outlays of centrally managed funds and other central investments, GEZ (TV licensing office), etc.
  • Business requirements for university administration, rectorate, staff council, equal opportunities commissioner, etc.
  • Applications, processing, billing for large equipment for research

Annual financial statement tasks for the above-cited areas

Bank guarantees

Kerstin Fein

Execution of budget/financial plan through distribution of funds, budgeting, controlling and settlement of quality assurance funds under the previous law and their successive funds (incl. student QA funds)

Calculation of fees, such as administrative fees, course fees, and fees for continuing degree programmes

Christina Hoch

Execution of budget/financial plan including management, funds distribution/budgeting, further charging if needed, controlling, and settlement of

  • ·  Additional budgetary funds for University 2012 expansion programme and 2020 Higher Education Pact (1403 TG 77)
  • ·  Additional budgetary funds for Master 2016 expansion programme (1403 TG 78)
  • Additional budgetary funds through state foundation funds (1221, 1222) and
  • SIBW (1403 TG 91)
  • Additional budgetary funds for Section 1403 Title 682 97/ 891 97
  • Appropriations for Section 1403 TG 70 – 76 and TG 96 – 98
  • Appropriations for smaller sections (1469 and 1499)
  • Appropriations for smaller sections (0408, 1402, 1406, 1409)

Annual financial statement tasks for the above-cited areas

Edelgard Otto



Procurement section

Responsibility Contact

Section head

  • Basic university procurement issues
  • Basic public procurement issues
  • Procurement organisation
  • Project work

Support for SAP MM module

Thomas Schraysshuen

Contract award office of Heidelberg University

  • Formal contract award process for goods and services based on specifications from requesting party/department
  • Procurements above EU thresholds

Sandra Diehm

Ulrich Rühle

Processing of academic requirements, academic fee and service contracts, services and sports equipment

  • Scientific devices, services and research contracts from 10,000 euros up to EU threshold
  • Framework agreement consulting for scientific equipment
  • Framework agreement consulting for scientific consumables (e.g., gases, nitrogen) and refrigeration/freezer units
  • Sports equipment (teaching)
  • Fee and service contracts from 10,000 euros
  • Workshop requirements (machines, devices, equipment)


  • of scientific services and research contracts up to 9,999 euros
  • Fee and service contracts up to 9,999 euros
Julia Winkler

Processing of non-scientific requirements

  • I&C hardware
  • I&C software (except standard software from university IT centre)
  • Audio, video and photographic equipment
  • Non-scientific services
  • Non-scientific fee and service contracts
  • Uniforms and work clothes, shoes and glasses, protective gloves
  • Literature, book binding, and printed matter (for university administration)

Maintenance of university copiers (administrative copiers and campus card copiers)


Hospitality and even requirements (catering, tents, cleaning, equipment, etc.)

Andrea Schacht

Processing of non-scientific requirements

  • Office supplies
  • Office devices
  • Computer consumables
Christina Ehler

Processing of non-scientific requirements

  • Facility management supplies
  • First aid equipment
  • Keys and locking systems

as well as project tasks

Susanne Haas

Processing of non-scientific requirements

  • Fixtures and furnishings
  • Planning and design of office workstations and lecture hall facilities
  • Support for framework agreements for office and IT consumables (online shops)
  • Office equipment and supplies (dictation machines, shredders, binding and laminating devices, calculators, cutters, wall clocks, franking machines and accessories, labelling devices, monitor and telephone arms and stands, roller stools, footrests, floor mats (underneath desks), door signs, mailboxes, key cabinets, ashtrays and waste bins, ladders).
  • Service vehicles and bicycles
  • Official seals
  • Stamps
  • Uniforms and work clothes, shoes and glasses, protective gloves
  • Key/locking cylinders (for university administration)
Katja Laick
Responsibilities of Nathalie Dussel Nathalie Dussel

Central Procurement Front Office

  • Main contact point for questions on university procurement process
  • Informational materials and catalogues
  • Submission point for formal contract awards
  • Second-hand equipment exchange (state-wide and internal)
  • Order processing invoice verification
  • Account settlement for facilities management consumables
  • Account settlement for online shop office materials
  • Account settlement for framework agreement for administration copiers

Silvia Krapp

Boris Windisch





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