Dr. Günther R. Mittler
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Department 6.2 Profile

Tasks and Priorities at a Glance:

  • Funding advisory service and project management
    • Assessment of relevant documents (guidelines, work programmes, calls for proposals)
    • Assistance with applications and formalities
    • Support in structuring projects
    • Time management during the application phase
    • Creation of a resource and financial plan
    • Support in wording the application (e.g., “project management” or “equal opportunity concept”)
    • Help in handling legal issues (e.g., consortium agreements or exploitation rights)
    • Help with linguistic review and layout
  • Project administration/management of third-party funds
    • Advice and support in the financial management of third-party funding projects
    • Setup of third-party fund and overhead accounts
    • Advice and support in the legal management of third-party funding projects (general third-party fund guidelines and funder-specific guidelines)
    • Collection of key indicators for third-party funds (internal and external relations)
    • Verification of expense reports
    • Creation of donation receipts
  • CRC-/GRK advisory service (Collaborative Research Centres, research training groups)
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