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In this edition of our research magazine, we examine two powerful antagonists: chaos and order. Structuring the world, cutting paths through the jungle of information, knowledge and ignorance is something that speaks to our innermost needs. We strive to build a coherent image of the world and the events around us, to understand their underlying patterns and mechanisms. More often than not, our efforts lead us down the wrong path – forcing us to discard assumptions we once held to be true and start over.

Curiosity is the great motivator for any scientist, scholar and researcher. Finding patterns, structures and, indeed, order in the midst of chaos is a major driving force, as illustrated by the articles in the current edition of Ruperto Carola. They were authored by researchers from the fields of inorganic chemistry, neuroscience, mathematics, transcultural studies and political science, among others. It is this diversity, unique to a comprehensive university like ours, that gives us the chance of finding innovative ways to answer complex questions. 

I wish you an inspiring and exciting reading experience with our ORDER & CHAOS edition of Ruperto Carola!

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel
Rector of Heidelberg University

Issue 3 · November 2013