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Access to consecutive Master’s programmes with access restrictions

Access for German Citizens
Access for International Citizens
Range of consecutive Master’s programmes with access restrictions
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The range of Master’s programmes with access restriction differs from the summer to the winter semester. The access restriction is laid down in the admission rules  and can by defined, inter alia, by the need for above-average examination results in the first degree. The access procedures differ greatly depending on the Master’s programme and the nationality of the prospective student. The regulations for German applicants also apply to applicants with multiple nationalities if one of them is German.


Access for German Citizens

German applicants for access-restricted consecutive master’s programmes can register up until the last work day before classes begin without prior application with the university administration. You must, however, submit your degree certificate and all other necessary documents (see regulations for admission) to the academic coordinator for the particular master’s programme. The admission requirements are reviewed there. If the requirements have been met and you are applying for a first-subject-related semester, you will be issued a certificate confirming that you can enrol in the first subject-related semester of the master’s degree programme. Only if you have this certificate can you enrol at Heidelberg University up until the start of classes for the semester.
!Exception: If you're applying for the international option of translation studies, there is an application deadline on the 15th of June.

If the requirements have been met and you are applying for a higher semester, you will be issued a different certificate confirming that you can enrol in a higher semester of the master's degree programme.


Applications that include certificates / transcripts from foreign universities will be forwarded from the representative of the Master's programme to the Dezernat Internationale Beziehungen in order to calcuate a German GPA that is equivalent to the foreign GPA. Please note that officially certified copies or duplicates of those certificates / transcripts have to be handed in. In addition (with the exception of documents in English and German), an officially certified translation of the documents into English or German must be provided.


Access for International Citizens

Owing to the generally complex examination of educational prerequisites for international students they must also apply to programmes with access restrictions. This applies both to applications for the 1st subject-related semester and to applications for a higher semester.  To apply, please hand in  this form as well as all necessary documents for the 1st subject-related semester or  all documents for a higher semester if you apply for a higher semester. The documents must be sent to this address: Dezernat Internationale Beziehungen der Universität Heidelberg, Zulassungsstelle Masterprogramme, Seminarstraße 2, D - 69117 Heidelberg.

Application periods for the 1st subject-related semester are:

01.05. - 15.06. for the winter semester

01.10. - 15.11. for the summer semester.

Application periods for higher semesters are:

01.06. - 15.07. for the wintersemester

01.10. - 15.11. for the summer semester

! Exception !
Please note the exception for the online appliction of the two year long programme Physics (MSc), as well as for the online application of the one year long Physics Fast Track (MSc) where the application deadline for the summer semester is 15.01. and for the winter semester 15.07.


Range of consecutive Master’s programmes with access restrictions

Master's Programme starts in the summer semester starts in the winter semester
Ägyptologie x x
Alte Geschichte x x
American Studies - x
Angewandte Informatik x x
Assyriologie - x
Byzantinische Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte x x
Chemie x x
Christentum und Kultur x x
Computerlinguistik x x
Deutsch als Zweitsprache - x
Deutsch-Französischer Masterstudiengang Geschichtswissenschaften - x
Development, Environment, Societies, and History in South Asia x x
Economics - x
Editionswissenschaft und Textkritik x x
English Studies / Anglistik x x
Ethnologie x x
Europäische Kunstgeschichte x x
Geoarchäologie - x
Geographie x x
Germanistik x x
Germanistik im Kulturvergleich x x
Geschichte x x
Global History x x
Health and Society in South Asia - x
Iberoamerikanische Studien. Kontakt - Theorien und Methoden x x
Italien im Kontakt - Literatur, Künste, Sprachen, Kulturen x x
Japanologie x x
Klassische Archäologie x x
Klassische Philologie: Gräzistik x x
Klassische Philologie: Latinistik x x
Klassische und Moderne Literaturwissenschaft x x
Kommunikation, Literatur und Medien in Südasiatischen Neusprachen x x
Kultur- und Religionsgeschichte Südasiens x x
Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens - x
Mathematik x x
Mittelalterstudien x x
Musikwissenschaft x x
Nah- und Mitteloststudien - x
Philosophie x x
Physik x x
Physics Fast Track x x
Politikwissenschaft x x
Religionswissenschaft x x
Scientific Computing x x
Semitistik x x
Sinologie (Chinese Studies) - x
Slavische und Osteuropäische Studien x x
Soziologie - x
Technische Informatik x x
Transcultural Studies - x
Transkulturelle Studien. Literaturen und Sprachkontakte im frankophonen Raum x x
Übersetzungswissenschaft (with a double degree option Salmanca/Heidelberg)   x
Ur- und Frühgeschichte x x
Vorderasiatische Archäologie x x
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