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Department 5.3: Personnel Development and Dual Career Service, Trainees

Duties and Responsibilities

Department 5.3 provides information and counselling in all matters related to advanced training and personnel development, especially with respect to the internal training programme. It offers support in the development and implementation of individual continuing education plans. This department is also responsible for professional training and the Dual Career Service.

At a glance:

  • Information and counselling on
    • Advanced training and personnel development
    • Leadership and project management
  • Counselling and information on the internal training programme
  • Support in developing individual continuing education plans, e.g. as regards
    • Identification of requirements
    • Selection of trainers/moderators
  • Arranging coaches for managers from science and administration
  • Professional training
  • Dual Career Service
  • Personnel development for postdocs


Responsibility Contact
Trainees and interns Brigitte Knopp
Katharina Bitter-Brückmann

Katrin Peerenboom
Dr. Susanne Scheer

Dual Career Service

Bärbel Welsch
Dr. Nele Awad-Poppendiek
Oliver Orth

Internal Training Programme

Katharina Bitter-Brückmann
Mahmur Demirbas
Matthias Heiken

Personnel development Oliver Orth
Personnel development for postdocs Katrin Peerenboom
Dr. Susanne Scheer
Telecommuting Brigitte Knopp
TopLab – Competence in the laboratory Oliver Orth
Central point of contact, secretary Martina Rohrmann


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