Science and the Arts

Researchers at Heidelberg University are working from different disciplinary perspectives on the interaction of science and the arts, as well as synergies resulting from the interplay of these two areas. The central concern of their respective activities is to open up new angles on current academic issues and, in particular, to strengthen the dialogue with a wider public and defined sub-publics.

Round Table On Science And The Arts

On the initiative of the Rectorate’s Communications and Marketing (KuM) department, a round table has been set up so that researchers at Heidelberg University and other actors can share views and information on the interface between science and the arts, and current projects in this field. The discussions, which are open to members of Heidelberg University, take place regularly in the Senate Hall in the Old University. All interested are very warmly invited. Please send a short note to kum@uni-heidelberg.de if you wish to attend.