SciArt Residency at CRC 1225 IsoQuant

The CRC 1225 “Isolated Quantum Systems and Universality under Extreme Conditions” (CRC IsoQuant), based in the field of physics, has set up a SciArt residency with the aim of fostering the dialogue between science and the arts and spotlighting current issues for an interested public.

In the context of the initiative, artists are invited to spend several months as guests of the Collaborative Research Centre and to develop projects based on the exchange with Heidelberg scientists. The SciArt Residency first advertised in 2021 gave the artists Philip Kanwischer and Alexandra Hunts the opportunity to gain insights into the research activities of the CRC members and this way to tap into new perspectives at the interface between science and the arts. The artists presented their projects, inter alia, in two “Artist Talks”, which were directed at the researchers at the CRC and, in particular, an interested general public. 

Alexandra Hunts



Quantum states between order and disorder as an analogy with the fragility of political systems are the topic of an exhibition at Heidelberg University connecting science and art. On display are installations by the Ukrainian-Dutch artist Alexandra Hunts, who spent several months at CRC IsoQuant in 2022 during a SciArt Residency. The artworks are inspired by her dialogue with Heidelberg researchers. The exhibition “many-body problem” will be opened on 23 November 2023 at 7pm in the European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing (EINC) and can be visited there – as well as in the building of the Institute of Theoretical Physics at Philosophenweg – until 21 December 2023.


Exhibition: “The History of Uncertainty”

In the 2023 summer semester, the Collaborative Research Center IsoQuant in cooperation with the Heidelberg-based artists’ collective “Kalamari Klub” reached out to a wider public with an exhibition on the role of probability in quantum physics. The exhibition formed the conclusion of the SciArt Residency of Philip Kanwischer, who was hosted by the Collaborative Research Center in 2021 and 2022. Under the heading “The History of Uncertainty” the exhibition featured Philip Kanwischer’s artworks, which arose out of his exchange with the Heidelberg researchers.