Faculty of PhilosophyMedieval Studies – Master

The Master’s degree programme in Medieval studies considers Medieval aspects of various subjects, including history, European art history, Latin Medieval philology, German philology, Romance philology and Jewish studies. The degree programme takes a multidisciplinary approach to research of the European Middle Ages. Students are able to specialise across a broad, interdisciplinary range of subjects and can further their knowledge of Medieval studies and related historical methodologies.

Facts & Formalities

DegreeMaster of Arts
Type of programmeConsecutive
Start of programmeWinter and summer semester
Standard period of study4 semesters
Language(s) of instructionGerman
Fees and contributions151.05 € / Semester
Application procedureConsecutive master’s programmes with access restriction
Application deadlinesInformation about deadlines can be obtained after you have put together a degree program.
Part-time optionYes

Course Content

The Master’s degree programme in Medieval studies gives students the opportunity to develop their interdisciplinary skills via research and research-orientated study. The degree programme draws on examples of European Medieval cultures to give students a profound insight into the otherness of the modern world, and the historic genesis of specific structures which were integral to the development of modern society.  

Given developments seen in today’s globalised society, it is particularly significant that students consider Medieval cultures via the lens of current research, without discounting the role played by religions, nor their significance throughout a largely Christian Europe.  

A strong focus is placed on the study of different combinations of philologies, and the (conflictive and harmonious) existence of different religious communities side-by-side. This ensures that students gain a thorough understanding of the cultural diversity and the composite character of Medieval cultures. Whilst more contemporary theoretical developments within the field of cultural studies therefore play a considerable role in the degree programme, this is complemented by a strong emphasis on the development of fundamental knowledge, giving students the necessary skills to conduct independent research in the field of Medieval studies.

Course Structure

The modular structure of the Master’s degree programme in Medieval studies offers students a great deal of flexibility to develop a course of study which reflects their particular areas of interests. Students profit from the focus on research and are able to benefit from the broad range of subjects available at Heidelberg University. It is possible and expected that students will specialise in individual disciplines or traditions, and select certain topics of study. Students may choose to specialise in German studies, history, art history, Romance studies or Jewish studies.