CallsEmerging Ideas Fonds


Development of innovative ideas for larger collaborative projects, networking within FoF 3.

Object of Funding

The Research Council supports the development of new ideas for larger collaborative projects by funding small kick-off events. Subsequently, it is considered with the applicants whether it makes sense to pursue the topic further and how further support of the group by the Research Council could be arranged. Only applications that break new ground away from existing research will be funded. The possible connection to the strengths of existing research (persons, projects) at Heidelberg University must be presented in the application.

Type of Funding

It can be applied for material and personnel funds (assitance funds)

Maximum Application Amount

3,000 EUR


All Professors at Heidelberg University are eligible to apply.


Before submitting a proposal in this funding line, it is recommended to consult the office of the Research Council of FoF 3:



Required information:

  • Project titel
  • Possible subjects involved
  • Abstract (max. 1,000 characters)
  • Description of the project in distinction to existing research projects elsewhere as well as evidence of its applicability to research at Heidelberg University (max. 5,000 characters).
  • Preliminary workshop program
  • Applicant's details (scientific CV, selected publications)
  • Maximum 5 pages (usual font size etc.).


The application is possible at anytime, depending on the budget. Please note the meeting dates of the Research Council: Applications must be received 14 days before the next meeting in order to be included on the agenda. Applications should be sent in electronic form (summarized in a PDF document) to Dr. Nele Schneidereit with the subject "FoF 3-Tagungsfond". Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within five working days.

The application will be submitted to the FoF 3 proposal Research Council (RC). The RC will make a funding recommendation, on which the Rectorate will decide. If you have any questions regarding the calls, please contact Dr. Nele Schneidereit by e-mail.