CallsEmerging Ideas Fonds

Goal: Development of innovative ideas for larger collaborative projects, networking within FoF 3 beyond the main topics profiled with the TRN.

Preliminary remark: The funds of the University of Excellence are earmarked, they serve the strategic further development of the university in the field of top-level research and may only be used for the purpose of profile building of the Field of Focus 3 or Heidelberg University, internal and external networking, promotion of young researchers as well as transfer.

Object of funding: The Research Council of FoF3 supports the development of new ideas for larger collaborative projects developed by an interdisciplinary group (SFB/GRK/FOR/Forschungskollegs/Käte Hamburger Kollegs). If the group is not yet firmly established, the possible connection to the strengths of existing research (persons, projects) at Heidelberg University must be presented in the application.

Funding will be provided for auxiliary staff hours, temporary increase of positions for coordination services, kick-off workshops, networking measures such as retreats/conferences or similar. The group must introduce itself to the Research Council as well as report regularly on the progress of its initiative.

Type of funding: material and personnel funds (auxiliary funds/staff increases) can be applied for. All professors and postdocs at Heidelberg University are eligible to apply. The application or inclusion of young scientists is strongly encouraged.

Consultation: Before submitting an application in this funding line, the office of the Research Council of FoF 3 must be consulted (nele.schneidereit@uni-heidelberg.de)

Required information:

  • Project titel
  • Possible subjects involved
  • Abstract (max. 1,000 characters)
  • Description of the project in distinction to existing research projects elsewhere as well as evidence of its applicability to research at Heidelberg University (max. 5,000 characters).
  • Preliminary workshop program
  • Applicant's details (scientific CV, selected publications)
  • Maximum 5 pages (usual font size etc.).

Application deadline: Please send your application in electronic form (summarized in a PDF document) with the subject “FoF3-Transfer” to Dr. Nele Schneidereit (nele.schneidereit@uni-heidelberg.de).

Application deadline: currently none.

The application is addressed to the Research Council of FoF3. The RC will make a funding recommendation, which will be decided on by the Rectorate. If you have any questions regarding the call for proposals, please contact Dr. Nele Schneidereit by e-mail.