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Calls for Proposals (until October 31)

The HCDH represents a science and service-oriented Unity. Together with a series of local service partners it provides support for science related matters in the area of Digital Heritage, Digital Linguistics and digitality in the Humanities. The Center networks with other Institutions, conceptualizes Events and provides support measures for innovative projects.  

What is promoted?

In the area of funding, we call on projects from the humanities with a focus on digital heritage, digital linguistics, as well as digitality as a topic of reflection to apply for the Center's funding measures. Funding is primarily available for collaborative projects from different disciplines that address interdisciplinary issues and/or apply new digital research methods or design or evaluate such methods (e.g., the use of semantically oriented (semi-)automatic analysis tools, specific forms of visualization technologies, or the use of large language models in different contexts).


What conditions must be met?
The reusability of the results, the interdisciplinarity of the project proposals, and their recognizable contribution to the further development of the Digital Humanities at Heidelberg University must be clearly evident. These can be smaller and focused projects with an interdisciplinary approach that will be brought to a conclusion with the application amount. It is also possible to fund the preparation of a larger third-party funding proposal.

What can be applied for?
Material and personnel funds (auxiliary staff funds) can be applied for. It is also possible to fund basic equipment-related items (this applies to workplace equipment, consumables, software, etc.).

Maximum application amount: 35,000 EUR (justified exceptions are possible after consultation)

Application process
1) Planning of the project and identification of project partners
2) Contacting the HCDH and initial consultation
3) Elaboration of the concept
4) Submission to the HCDH by 31.10.
5) Evaluation of the application in the board of HCDH
6) Final evaluation in the RC of the Field of Focus 3

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Florian Nieser at any time. to apply.

Applications in this funding line can be submitted until October 31 to florian.nieser@uni-heidelberg.de