Right & Wrong


Artificial intelligence: the cover image of this latest edition of our research magazine, entitled RIGHT & WRONG, is AI-generated. You will find the corresponding code on the first inside page. The first issue of RUPERTO CAROLA to be published under my editorship deals with a central component, and one of the most exciting developments, of the global digital transformation – an apt choice in light of my agenda. Digitalisation, sustainability and diversity are some of the focal areas of my Rectorate. The question of right and wrong that is at the heart of this 23rd edition of our magazine plays a key role in this. The articles on the following pages demonstrate how remarkably complex the concept of right and wrong can be, while once again showcasing the wide range of top-level research that is being conducted at our university.

In addition to exploring the subject of artificial intelligence, the authors take you on a journey from the oldest known fake in human history, which dates back to the rulers of ancient Assyria and Babylonia, to problems of the present that include fake news, conspiracy theories and the dispute about “right” and “wrong” words. Observations from philosophical, theological and medical ethics and from sociology and law illustrate how questions of right and wrong have always engaged humanity and our society, and continue to do so to this day. 

I wish you a stimulating reading experience, hopefully with many valuable new insights!

Prof. Dr Frauke Melchior
Rector of Heidelberg University 

Issue 23 · March 2024