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Tired of events that take place only online? Are you ready to network again? Do you want to build your own success, write your own story and realise your own idea? Are you motivated, curious and want to make a difference? Then the STARTUP LAB by hei_INNOVATION is the right place for you! Four weeks of working on your ideas. Four weeks of team building with your team or new team members. Four weeks of self-learning sessions with videos, live online panels, mentoring sessions and support from role models and successful founders. One final pitch night with a jury and an audience! We are launching the fourth round of the STARTUP LAB!

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  • 11 March – 8 April 2022
  • Mentoring and 1:1 Coaching
  • Topics: Problem-Solution-Fit, Business Modelling, Revenue Modelling, Pricing, Marketing & Sales Strategy, Financing, Story Telling & Pitching 
  • Language: English


About the Startup Lab

Heidelberg University presents the fourth round of the STARTUP LAB by hei_INNOVATION. Our goal is to show you innovative ways and methods to develop ideas, think outside the box and get your own business model off the ground! Your idea doesn't have to be fully developed yet, but you and your team should have a first concept of it to participate in the STARTUP LAB. We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic students or alumni who want to get something moving outside the lecture hall. However, we also welcome ideas and teams in a more advanced state who want to continue working on their startup and want more input, mentoring and support from startup experts. 

The programme starts with a kick-off event. Mondays are input days. We will organize live online panels with renowned founders, investors and role models who will give you insights and tips and answer questions as well. From Tuesday to Thursday, you will have the opportunity to work on your startup as a team. Every Thursday there will be a one-on-one mentoring and coaching session where we will support you individually with your current challenges to give your startup the ignition it needs to get off the ground. We will match you with mentors from our network and advance your ideas. Every Friday there is pitch night! At the end of each week, we will organize a get together, prepare for the final pitch and have a regular pitching session with all teams. You can network with other teams and help each other grow. The finale of the STARTUP LAB will be the final pitch night: each team will pitch in front of a jury and present their own startup or project and have the chance to win prizes. 

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Frequent Questions


  • already have an idea/team and want to take it to the next level;
  • have initial experience in the field of entrepreneurship and the formation of an enterprise (ideally you attended the lecture “Entrepreneurship” at Heidelberg University prior to the STARTUP LAB); 
  • are a student or alumni (5 years after graduation) of a university or college from Baden-Württemberg;
  • have an English language level of at least B2;
  • are motivated to establish yourself in the Heidelberg startup ecosystem; 

You are still missing the right startup idea? 

Apply anyway! We will gladly put you on the waiting list and offer a design thinking workshop shortly before the beginning of the STARTUP LAB. 

You have an idea, but need to catch up in terms of entrepreneurship? 

No problem! If there are enough participants, we will organize a crash course before the STARTUP LAB starts.


You need a stable Internet connection, a laptop or computer, which can be used for video calls. We will provide you with accesses for platforms like Mural or Slack.


You should be available between 11 March and 8 April 2022. During the week, online activities will be live on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; Tuesdays and Wednesdays will each be organized primarily in self-paced sessions - with a few exceptions. You will work towards completing your business plan and convincing the jury as well as investors in the final pitch. If you are not in Heidelberg, but still want to participate online, you can still apply.


After successfully participating the STARTUP LAB you will get a certificate with ECTS credits. It depends on your faculty and study course, however, if they accept this certificate. Please check with your department or faculty to make sure of that in advance. An active participation during the programme, especially during the live pitch sessions, is a requirement. It is also necessary that you submit the tasks within the deadlines.


We will announce the prizes for the fourth STARTUP LAB the weeks to come.