Ruperto CarolaUniversität Heidelberg: Election of the Kanzler

1 March 2024

Presentation of candidates and election with announcement of electoral result are open to the university public

The decision on electing the Kanzler at Heidelberg University will be taken at a joint meeting of the Senate and the University Council of Ruperto Carola. The election will take place on 14 March 2024; for that purpose, the members of the two electoral bodies will assemble in the Great Hall of the New University. The candidates for the office of Kanzler have one hour each to present themselves and answer questions, which – along with the election and the announcement of the result – is open to the university public, that is, to members and associates of the university. 

The candidates’ presentations will probably start at 11.50 am – with interruptions for consultations by the electoral bodies in closed session. The election will then take place in the afternoon. In the Great Hall of the New University, the gallery will be available to the university public. Anyone wishing to follow the presentation and questioning of the candidates, and the election itself, must identify themselves as a member or associate of the university with their professional identity card, student ID or Service Card. The seating capacity is limited. There will be no additional live streaming to other halls. 

The Kanzler’s six-year term of office begins on 1 September 2024. The appointment by the state premier takes place in consultation with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Arts. The Kanzler directs the university administration and is in charge of the budget. As the full-time member of the Rectorate for the areas business and personnel management, the Kanzler participates in the university’s strategic decision-making processes and is responsible for their implementation by the administration