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11. December 2020

Heidelberg researcher awarded funding from the Japan Science and Technology Agency

Bioscientist Dr Dongbo Shi will receive funding from the Japan Science and Technology Agency for his work on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that enable plants to grow. The funding totals up to 300,000 euros over a period of three years. Dr Shi conducts research at the Centre for Organismal Studies of Heidelberg University.

Dr Shi’s research focuses on so-called cambium stem cells that form the growth layer of plants and create the tissues that transport water and nutrients. “There is still a lot we don’t know about the dynamics and the regulation mechanism of cambium stem cells,” states Dr Shi. Using thale cress, the researcher is investigating which molecular and cellular mechanisms at the level of these cells enable the continuous growth of plants. Dongbo Shi studied life sciences at the University of Kyoto (Japan), where he also earned his PhD in 2014. He has been a postdoctoral researcher at Heidelberg University since 2016.

The Japan Science and Technology Agency is a national institution for the promotion of research and technology under the aegis of the Japanese Ministry for Culture and Science. The agency’s “PRESTO” funding line supports individual researchers whose work is expected to lead to innovations in science and technology.

Dongbo Shi

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