University About 30,000 Students Anticipated at Ruperto Carola

16 October 2023

Number of new enrolments still running high – registration process not yet completed

In the 2023/2024 winter semester, the overall student numbers at Heidelberg University will total about 30,000, as in the previous year. The number of new enrolments is still running at a high level as well, as indicated by the provisional numbers of new and re-enrolled students at the start of the lecture period.

Although the registration process has not yet been completed, so far approximately 29,200 students have signed up to start their study courses or have re-enrolled. According to the Division of Student Affairs and Teaching, this number will rise in the coming weeks with the addition of applicants from the waiting list and master’s students, as well as international applicants.

The likewise provisional number of students beginning a degree course lies at just under 4,700. That includes approx. 3,200 new students to date, that is students who are enrolling at a university for the first time. These numbers are expected to be at a similar level to the previous year, as are those of international students. Currently, approx. 5,200 students from abroad are enrolled at Ruperto Carola.

In the 2022/2023 winter semester, the overall student numbers totalled around 29,900 after enrolments closed. About 5,900 students had started a new course at Heidelberg University. Among those newly enrolled, nearly 3,600 were going to university for the first time. The number of international students in the past winter semester was just over 5,500.