Ruprecht-Karl Prizes14 Young Heidelberg Scientists Honoured

22 December 2021

Presentation of Ruprecht-Karl Prizes, Fritz Grunebaum Prize and Environment Prize of the Viktor and Sigrid Dulger Foundation at an award ceremony

The Heidelberg University Foundation has awarded Ruprecht-Karl Prizes to young researchers for their outstanding scientific publications. They went to a total of ten doctoral candidates from different disciplines – prize-winners for the years 2021 and 2020. Also presented were the Fritz Grunebaum Prize and the Environment Prize of the Viktor and Sigrid Dulger Foundation. Here too the awards were for the last two years. Rector Prof. Dr Bernhard Eitel presented the prizes at a ceremony in the Great Hall of the Old University, with a reduced audience due to Covid-19 precautions.

Ruprecht-Karls Prizes 2021

The Ruprecht-Karl Prizes, each worth 3,000 euros, went this year to Dr Jannika Jahn (law), Dr Tim Christian Kuhn (medicine), Dr Ángela Calderón Villarino (Romance studies), Dr Sina Witzel (chemistry) and Dr Jing Yan (biosciences). For 2020 this award went to Dr Jacqueline Lorenzen (law), Dr Frerk Pöppelmeier (earth sciences), Tim Sommer (English studies), Dr Erika Tsingos (biosciences) and Dr Varun Venkataramani (medicine). The Fritz Grunebaum Prize of the Heidelberg University Foundation, also endowed with 3,000 euros, is awarded for exceptional studies in the area of economics or business law. It went to the economists Dr Onno Kleen (2021) and Dr Christian König genannt Kersting (2020).

The Environment Prize of the Victor and Sigrid Dulger Foundation for 2021 was awarded to political scientist Dr Simon Gabriel Schaub, while physicist Dr Meike Kerrin Rotermund received it for 2020. This award recognises outstanding achievements of young Heidelberg scientists in the field of environmental research and comes with prize money of 10,000 euros.

Rector Prof. Eitel opened the award ceremony, and the next speaker was PD Dr Thorsten Helm, a member of the board of the Heidelberg University Foundation. Historian Prof. Dr Bernd Schneidmüller, chair of the prize jury, and Prof. Dr Thomas Rausch, executive director of the Heidelberg Center for the Environment, paid tribute to each of the prize-winners for their accomplishment. The event was accompanied musically by Yuka Hauser at the piano.