10 May 2023, 6pm4EU+ Student Night

The range of courses and the many different opportunities for exchange between students and doctoral candidates in the 4EU+ European University Alliance is the topic of an upcoming information session for Bachelor and Master’s students and doctoral candidates from all subjects and disciplines at Heidelberg University. The event, organised by students at Ruperto Carola, will be streamed to the 4EU+ member universities and take place in the context of the DAAD-initiated “European Universities Week” on 10 May 2023 at 6pm in lecture hall 4a in the New University.

A central goal of the 4EU+ Student Night is to spread information about the courses offered by the four interdisciplinary Flagships of the Alliance and the respective prospects and funding opportunities for students and doctoral candidates. In addition, members of the Student Executive Committee – the body responsible for representing student interests within the framework of 4EU+ – will report on their experiences in the Alliance and answer questions from students and doctoral candidates on site.

Livestream (ZOOM)