Dr Reuß Prize awarded for the third time

In 2019, two students were awarded the Dr Reuß Prize, again.

This prize has been awarded by Heidelberg University since 2017 and was made possible by the Dr Nikolaus and Dr Mira Reuß Foundation. It is given to high-performing graduates in organic and inorganic chemistry. One of this year’s recipients is Juliette. In July 2019, she finished her Bachelor’s degree with a thesis on “Atmospheric properties of the new green solvent 2,2,5,5-Tetramethyletrahydrofuran“. She wrote it during her Erasmus stay at the University of York. Juliette is currently in her first semester, pursuing a Master’s degree in Chemistry. Her plans for the future are to finish her Master’s degree within the standard period of study and to continue on with a doctorate.

2019 Dr Reuß Prize recipient