Research Alumni NetworkHAIreconnect

Promotion of individuals in the field of science and research for international young researchers and former guest researchers.

With HAIreconnect, short stays at Heidelberg University or one of the university-related research institutions can be funded in order to explore opportunities for scientific cooperation, initiate new research projects or give new input to existing ones through personal exchange.

Voices on HAIreconnect

Thanks to HAIreconnect, I was able to make new contacts with people I would never have met without the short stay: a valuable and very enriching experience for me.

Prof. Dr Yuko Nishitani, Japan, Law – HAIreconnect 2019

Being back in touch with my former colleagues and being able to use the infrastructure in Heidelberg has helped my work enormously. Many thanks for the great opportunity!

Prof. Dr Sandro M. Moraldo, Italy, German Studies – HAIreconnect 2013

The Programme

Within the framework of HAIreconnect, members of the Research Alumni Network or young researchers supervised by them can receive financial support for a research-related short stay at the university or a university-related research institution in Heidelberg, such as the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), the Max Planck Institute (MPI) or the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

The contacts between the guest and the institution as well as with HAI should last beyond the visit to the Neckar. Ideally, those who have returned to their home institution offer themselves as contacts for young researchers on the topic of research stays in Heidelberg or Germany and become involved in the Research Alumni Ambassador programme.

The Funding Lines

HAIreconnect – SOLO

In the line "HAIreconnect – Solo", former guest researchers receive a grant for a stay of several days in Heidelberg. The visit can be used, for example, as part of an ongoing research project for a professional exchange in the presence of cooperation partners or to profit from Heidelberg resources such as libraries or laboratories. The guest's academic project should be significantly advanced as a result of the stay on the Neckar. It is also possible to establish contact for future projects. For this, a project draft and a positive evaluation from Heidelberg are required. The scientific project should be significantly advanced by the stay on the Neckar.


Single Fahrrad

HAIreconnect – Tandem

In the second programme line "HAIreconnect – Tandem", former guest researchers can apply for funding for a promising young researcher and thus give the next generation an insight into the Heidelberg research landscape. During a joint stay, profitable, professional contacts can be established on site and impulses for future research as a doctoral student or postdoc can be set. The implementation and content of the tandem stay can be designed differently and adapted individually.


Tandem Fahrrad

Organisational Matters


  • Membership of HAI
  • Intended stay within an existing research project or for the establishment of a new cooperation/research project with Heidelberg partners
  • Positive assessment and support of the project of the host institution
  • The awarding of a HAIreconnect support is subject to the availability of funds
  • The funding amount for a HAIreconnect stay of 5 to max. 10 days is max. 1000.- EUR
  • The visit to Heidelberg can additionally be funded with other means and also cover a longer period of time
  • The funds are a subsidy for transportation and accommodation (mobility allowance); the use must be documented accordingly
  • Payment is made by bank transfer to an existing bank account
  • Support by the host institute or HAI for on-site implementation
  • Talk about possible engagement for HAI and Heidelberg University during the stay, e.g. lecture on the current status of the research project, professional session for students and/or young researchers, information event about opportunities for Heidelberg students/researchers to come to their own institution through exchange programs or as guests