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As RAN Ambassadors, international scientists and scholars work abroad to make Heidelberg University – the centre of an excellent research network with numerous associated non-university research and educational institutions – even better known worldwide.

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Role and function of RAN Ambassadors

RAN Ambassadors are current or former researchers from the research location Heidelberg working in an international context. They represent Heidelberg University in their academic sphere and act as role models for young researchers. They are committed worldwide and are mainly active in the following areas:


Advice & Information

RAN Ambassadors are available as contact persons for interested parties with questions about and planning of a research stay in Heidelberg. They provide information about life and research in Germany based on personal experiences.

Events & Fairs

RAN Ambassadors represent Heidelberg as a research location at events and fairs and report on research opportunities at Ruperto Carola or the non-university research institutions in the city and region.

Role Model & Advertising

RAN Ambassadors act as role models for the next generation. They provide valuable guidance in shaping scientific careers and use their example to promote a research stay in Heidelberg.

Cooperations & Exchange

Based on their experiences, RAN Ambassadors provide suggestions for research cooperation and exchange opportunities, for example, or for the development of scientific projects between their home institutions and Heidelberg.

Current RAN Ambassadors

Reasons for becoming a RAN Ambassador

After a successful research stay and often also a personally fulfilling time, the commitment as an Ambassador is a way to give something back to the university and at the same time facilitate access to similar experiences for the next generation. This – as well as the desire to keep the contact with Heidelberg University alive beyond one's own research – is often the trigger for involvement in the Research Ambassador Programme. Members of the Heidelberg Research Alumni Network participate in an interdisciplinary, global network and can easily establish contacts with other renowned Heidelberg researchers. In addition, they receive a further platform for presenting their research profile. When applying for an HAIreconnect scholarship, the commitment as RAN Ambassador is also taken into positive consideration.

Four steps to becoming a RAN Ambassador


1. Requirement

Are you currently or have you once been a visiting researcher in Heidelberg and would like to get actively involved in your environment for future researchers? After registering in HAI's Research Alumni Network, send us a message.

2. Ideas & Activities

Activities already carried out by other Ambassadors can serve as orientation; you can discuss your own ideas and new formats with the HAI team. We will provide you with the best possible support in planning and designing your activities.

3. Material & Contacts

You will receive appropriate information material for the design of your Ambassador activities. If you have questions about topics that go beyond your personal experience, we will identify suitable contact persons for you.

4. Your Commitment

Identify specific opportunities for your work as an Ambassador and inspire young scientists to come to Heidelberg. Keep us informed about your activities and we will report on your commitment!

Impressions from the activities of the RAN Ambassadors

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    Studenten mit Informationsmaterial
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    Ambassador im Beratungsgespräch
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    Publikum Infoveranstaltung
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    Gruppenbild Workshop
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    Ambassador im Vortrag