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Communications and Marketing:


For Media Representatives

The Press Office is the primary point of contact for media representatives for questions on current issues, filming permits or arranging interviews. [More...]

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Press Office

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Areas of Responsibility

Media Information and Press Conferences
The Press Office regularly provides information to the media and organises and conducts press conferences. The Press Office team helps perform research, arranges for interviews with experts and coordinates film and photo shoots.

Event Calendar
The team in the Press Office oversees the event calendar on the Internet and and provides assistance to other university institutions with entering information on their respective events. Every semester the Press Office publishes the “Studium Generale” semester calendar, which lists events of interest to the public.

The Press Office team edits various publications such as the “UNISPIEGEL” university magazine, Heidelberg University’s annual report, and HAIlife alumni magazine.

Public Relations Support
Within the university, the Press Office team offers university members assistance in dealing with the media and general public.


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