Real laboratorySPRIN-D launches 'IP-TRANSFER 3.0' project

6 December 2022
published by hei_INNOVATION

Following a successful application on which hei_INNOVATION and SVH GmbH worked together, Heidelberg University is now a partner in the “IP-Transfer 3.0” project of the Federal Agency for Leap Innovation (SPRIN-D). The aim of the project, which SPRIN-D is launching together with 17 universities, research institutions and research associations, is to enable knowledge-based spin-offs from the participating institutions to be set up more quickly, more efficiently, at the same time legally secure and subsequently better financed.

The project sees itself as a real laboratory in which Heidelberg University and all other institutions develop, test and implement the models proposed in the position paper or other models for more efficient IP transfer. The participating institutions see themselves as an experimental community. IP transfer in spin-offs should be fundamentally simplified, accelerated and designed with the future success of the new company in mind.