Springer Nature Visiting Professorship

Die im Wintersemester 2018/2019 neu eingerichtete Gastprofessur für Wissenschaftskommunikation ist eine gemeinsame Initiative des Veranstaltungsforums der Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, der Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS) und der Ruperto Carola.

The visiting professorship for scientific communication, established in the winter term 2018/2019, is a joint initiative of the Veranstaltungsforum of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, the Klaus Tschira Foundation (KTS) and Ruperto Carola. With KTS funding, experts are invited to impart in a specialised programme what constitutes high-quality reporting on scientific work and findings. At the same time, they are encouraged to initiate a broad-based discussion on new forms of exchange between science and the public.

With the establishment of the professorship, the three partners hope to sharpen awareness of the growing importance of good scientific communication. The visiting professorship is intended to aid society in shaping the future through science in the face of increasingly complex research.


Springer Nature Visiting Professorship, signing the contract

A champion of excellent scientific communication and quality journalism is usually appointed as a visiting professor each semester. Along with the furtherance these aims, young researchers are also trained to better communicate their research and findings to the public. The “Springer Nature Visiting Professorship” is located at the Marsilius Kolleg of Ruperto Carola, which serves as a bridge between the scientific cultures in Heidelberg.


First Springer Nature Visiting Professor: Sir Philip Campbell

Sir Philip Campbell, long-time editor of the renowned journal “Nature”, now editor-in-chief of the Springer Nature publishing company

Sir Philip Campbell - Springer Nature Visiting Professor 2018/2019


In a moderated fireside chat on 26 November 2018, Sir Philip Campbell, Professor Thomas Rausch and Professor Hans-Georg Kräusslich shared their thoughts on “Science Communication in the 2020s”.

The event was moderated by Professor Beatrix Busse, Vice-Rector of Heidelberg University.


Events Part 2

Workshop 1

"Behind the scenes in research publishing, editing, and the author experience"

Workshop 2

"Unhealthy academic cultures in biomedical research"

Public Lecture

"Facts, Fakes, Fallacies. Research Communication and Public Trust"
Great Hall, Old University, Grabengasse 1

Workshop 3

"Researcher‘s communications, public perceptions and public trust"

Workshop 4

"Multidisciplinarity and Computer Science: are there generic problems to be solved?"

Poster Springer Nature Gastprofessur (Sir Campbell), Veranstaltungen 2

Events Part 1: 2018-11-26 - 2018-12-08


"Health, leadership and trust in research institutions – The responsibilities of academic institutions, funding agencies and journal publishers/editors"

Poster Springer Nature Gasprofessur (Sir Campbell), Veranstaltungen 1