Contributions and FeesFees for study at Heidelberg University

A fee of 151.05 euros is charged for studying at the University of Heidelberg (special tuition fees are charged for continuing education and existing non-consecutive Master's programs). The amount is due at the beginning of each semester upon re-registration or must be paid as part of matriculation.

Detailed list of fee constituents:

  • 70.00 euros administrative costs
  • 66.00 euros social contribution for student services: Student services fees*
  • 10.00 euros fee for the constituted student body
  • 2.55 euros levy for the use of nextbike
  • 2.50 euros levy for theaterflatrate

Administrative Fee

The administrative fee helps cover the costs involved in administrative processes conducted by the University on your behalf. These include enrolment, arranging absences of leave, re-registration and exmatriculation, funding of the Central Student Advisory Office, the allocation of work placements, assisting students with the transition into work. The administrative fee does not cover costs for student supervision, tuition and teaching.

Contribution to the Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk)

Students must pay an obligatory contribution to the student services organisation upon registering at the University, and re-registering for each subsequent semester. 

Students’ contributions to the student services organisation help pay for services including the Mensa, cafeteria, halls of residence, and student support services, including counselling services. In some circumstances, students are able to show that they are exempt from payment of contributions to the student services organisation. Equally, there are cases in which students can apply for reimbursement of their contribution. 

Contribution to the Constituted Student Body


The contribution to the constituted student body includes a small levy of 2.55 EUR for the use of nextbike, a levy of 2.50 EUR for a theaterflatrate, and a contribution of 10.00  EUR to the constituted student body for the fulfilment of its missions. This payment must be made in addition to additional semester contributions each time a student re-registers at the University. Contributions must be paid to the University and these are transferred to the constituted student body. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding the contribution to the constituted student body, please contact the student council.