Management of StudiesRe-Registration

Registered students have to declare their intention of continuing their studies at Heidelberg University for every semester within a given period. This declaration is called the ‘re-registration’.

The re-registration period for the summer semester is from 15 January to 15 February, and for the winter semester from 15 June to 15 July.

Please note: You can find the amount of semester fee applicable to you, your individual “purpose of transfer” details as well as your current payment status in your heiCO account in the section “Tuition Fees”
In order to re-register, the respective fees (administration fee, social fee, tuition fees if applicable) are paid by bank transfer. Cash payment at the university cashier is not possible.

Change in the payment of fees from the summer semester 2022 onwards

  • Fees are only payable by bank transfer.
  • Re-registration via LSF is no longer possible. This also applies if you have given a SEPA mandate in the past.

Approximately one week after payment has been made, re-registration will occur. Once this has happened, you will be able to download your certificate of enrollment for the new semester and revalidate your student ID. You will not receive a confirmation whether the re-registration was successful or not, but can verify your status and payment in your heiCO account by downloading your certificate of enrolment.

If the fees are not paid in time, a late fee of 10 Euros will be levied.
Students who are behind schedule with their orientation examination or their intermediate examination or who have lost their entitlement to taking examinations do not receive a core data sheet even if the fees have been paid in due time. The student administration imposes a re-registration ban. It is lifted as soon as proof of the successful completion of the required examination has been furnished, or if the examination board grants an extension of the examination deadline. If one of the above-mentioned cases is applicable for you, it is recommended that you get in touch with the respective examination board at an early stage.

If you are not sure whether or not you will be able to continue your studies at Heidelberg University, you should still re-register. Fees already paid can be refunded in case of exmatriculation.

Please observe the respective deadlines!

If you do not re-register, it is assumed that you do not intend to continue your studies at Heidelberg University. You will be exmatriculated after a certain period of time.