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Safety advice

The Federal Foreign Office regularly publishes travel and safety advice and information as well as travel warnings.

Inform yourself before your stay as well as during your stay abroad about the current situation either via the Federal Foreign Office homepage or via the Federal Foreign Office travel app. It is also possible to have your name put on the Crisis Prevention List called „Elefand“.

  • Travel advice contains information in relation to entry requirements of a country, health and criminal law and customs regulations. This information is regularly checked and updated.
  • Safety advice draws the attention of travellers and German residents living abroad to potential risk through travel. It may be recommended not to travel or to limit travel if it isn’t absolutely necessary to do so. This information is also regularly checked and updated.
  • Travel warnings contain an urgent message from the Federal Foreign Office to refrain from travelling to a particular country or region within it. These warnings will only be issued if absolutely necessary and if lives could be put in danger through travel to the at risk area. Travel warnings are only rarely made. German residents living in the affected country or region will be requested to depart.