Faculty of Mathematics and Computer ScienceScientific Computing

The degree programme in Scientific Computing focusses on the development of methods and algorithms in applied mathematics and the implementation of these methods, using modern computer technology to apply them to actual situations.

Flexible Metamaterials - Abstract Illustration

Special Features and Characteristics

Mathematics at Heidelberg is characterised by the close link between theory and practice as well as between the individual subdomains. The cross-domain research focus in Pure Mathematics is on arithmetic and geometry. Applied Mathematics is characterised by its interdisciplinary focus. Numerous research groups currently work in the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR). The MAThematics Center Heidelberg (MATCH) was established in the context of the Excellence Initiative. Its aim is to pool all activity in the department and to function as the umbrella organisation for cross-domain research and promotion of junior researchers.  

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science considers itself one of the leading departments for Mathematics in Germany. This assessment is corroborated by the results of numerous evaluations and rankings. Mathematics in Heidelberg has a wide-reaching international network with numerous cooperation agreements and research projects with institutes around the world. This also greatly benefits students, as they can participate in a large number of international exchange programmes. 


Particular areas of research emphasis include: 

  • Algebra and Number Theory 
  • Geometry and Topology 
  • Analysis and Applied Analysis 
  • Numerical Mathematics and Optimisation 
  • Probability Theory and Statistics 
  • Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Logic

Occupational Areas

Graduates of degree programmes in Scientific Computing pursue careers in areas such as:  

  • Software manufacturing or within other IT enterprises 
  • Banking and insurance 
  • Public administration 
  • Universities and research institutes