Faculty of TheologyProtestant Theology - bachelor vocational teaching profession

A degree in Protestant theology is more than just preparation for the rectory or a teaching degree: Studying theology means discovering people, texts and ideas in the past and the present. Students learn to investigate Christian religions with the help of a unique variety of methods.

Facts & Formalities

DegreeBachelor of Arts
Type of programmeUndergraduate
Start of programmeWinter and summer semester
Standard period of study6 semesters
Language(s) of instructionGerman
Fees and contributions151.05 € / Semester
Application procedureSubjects with no admission restrictions
Application deadlinesInformation about deadlines can be obtained after you have put together a degree program.
Part-time optionYes

Course Content

The degree programme Protestant Theology as a minor subject in the Bachelor’s Teacher Training for Vocational Schools programme provides students with a specialised education in the various theological disciplines. Students will acquire knowledge on how to approach the main texts associated with the Christian faith (Old and New Testament), their history and interpretations (church history, systematic theology, religious studies). Students will also learn to reflect on and present the Christian faith and its main topics from a problem-oriented and current perspective.

Requirements for enrolment are proof of Latin and Greek language skills (Course Latin I and Greek I with final examination). In certain cases, students can acquire these skills in the course of their studies.

Course Structure

The academic programme commences with an introductory phase (preparatory courses), in which students acquire a general overview of the subject and basic understanding of bible study (Old and New Testament). Students will also be able to acquire the necessary Latin and Greek language skills in this phase if they did not already pass the relevant exams at school.

The programme is then divided into the main areas of Protestant theology:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Church and dogma history
  • Systematic theology (dogmatic theology, ethics and ecumenical theology)
  • Religious studies and intercultural theology

In the specialised modules of these areas, and in particular in the preparatory seminars, students will acquire basic knowledge and then consolidate this knowledge in an introductory lecture and a main seminar. Students will also acquire fundamental specialised didactic skills in the lecture on the pedagogy of theology.

Pupils have the opportunity to meet a Theo-Buddy, i.e. to accompany a student for a day and thus gain a direct insight into student everyday life and the content of theological studies. Further information can be found on the website of the Faculty of Theology.