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The objective of the Master’s degree programme in “American Studies” is to provide students with basic knowledge of North America from the early colonial period through the 21st century, including its politics, literature, culture, geography, history, and society, as well as its ethnic diversity and religious influences. To meet the challenges of this complex research subject, the American Studies program at Heidelberg University is explicitly multi- and interdisciplinary.

Facts & Formalities

DegreeMaster of Arts
Type of programmeConsecutive
Start of programmeWinter semester only
Standard period of study4 semesters
Language(s) of instructionEnglish
Fees and contributions151.05 € / Semester
Application procedureConsecutive master’s programmes with access restriction
Application deadlinesInformation about deadlines can be obtained after you have put together a degree program.
Can be completed entirely in EnglishYes
International degree programYes

Course Content

The objective of the degree programme American Studies is to convey further knowledge of history, culture and society in the US. The American Studies programme at Heidelberg University is a multi- and interdisciplinary program uniquely capable of doing justice to its multi-faceted object of investigation. Students of the Master’s degree programme have the opportunity to select specialisations at an early stage of their studies, by choosing between literature and cultural-historical disciplines, or political and social-science-oriented disciplines. The subjects offered include fields from geography, history, culture, literature, politics, religion, and economy. Further specialisation provides for in-depth knowledge and pivotal skills, preparing students for careers in the private or public sector or for pursuing advanced academic degrees. The programme is able to accept approximately 20 students per year and offers a research-based curriculum that includes vigorous teacher support but also expects personal responsibility from its students.

Course Structure

The degree programme is divided into one core subject and an examination module:

The core subject curriculum is divided into a scientific part consisting of four modules

  1. Specialisation modul: Students choose two of the individual disciplines represented at the HCA.
  2. Research module: Students choose one of the two disciplines of the core module to specialize.
  3. Flexibility module: Students may choose from all offered disciplines in the flexibility module.
  4. Interdisciplinary module: This module serves as continuous promotion of interdisciplinary research and as demonstration of the resulting synergistic effects.

It includes the “Cross-disciplinary Competencies” comprising three modules.

  1. Methodology module: Students deepen their knowledge about theoretical and empirical methods in the field of American Studies, and at the same time establishing skills in the field of academic writing.
  2. Interdisciplinary Perspectives: In the module “Interdisciplinary Perspectives”, students complete lectures and courses outside of American Studies.
  3. Window of mobility: The window of mobility offers students the opportunity to establish an intensive link to practice and application to American Studies.

The M.A. in American Studies concludes with the final examination module. It consists of the completion of the Master’s thesis, a research colloquium and a final oral examination.

Additional degrees

Bachelor 100%

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