Support - EUOverview: ERC Grants

The European Research Council (ERC) supports outstanding scientists in order to advance frontier research and visionary projects and to open up new interdisciplinary fields of knowledge.

Among its lines of funding are the Starting, the Consolidator and the Advanced Grant. Researchers from Heidelberg University have been awarded 69 ERC Grants in total since 2008.

  • Advanced Grants: The ERC Advanced Grant targets established researchers. The funding extends to a period of five years.
  • Starting / Consolidator Grants: Among the ERC's lines of funding for young academics are the ERC Starting Grant and the ERC Consolidator Grant. The funding extends to a period of five years.
  • Synergy Grants: ERC Synergy Grants are used to fund forward-looking research projects that are too complex for individual researchers and their groups to tackle individually. The European Research Council funds such projects for up to ten million euros over a maximum six-year period.

Note: For the sake of simplicity, grants which are currently in contract negotiations are counted as running in the table below.


 Funding linerunningtotal 
 Funding linerunningtotal 
 Advanced Grants924 
 Consolidator Grants1217 
 Starting Grants825 
 Synergy Grants33 

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Research projectFunding lineProject timeScientist/Institute
Research projectFunding lineProject timeScientist/Institute
PosLieRep – Positivity in Lie Groups and Representation Varieties
(2.028.016 €)
Advanced Grant01.10.2021 – 30.09.2026Prof. Dr. Anna Wienhard, Mathematical Institute, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
VerteBrain – The Ancestral Vertebrate Brain and its Cellular Diversification During Evolution
(2.497.000 €)
Advanced GrantTBAProf. Dr. Henrik Kaessmann, Centre for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University (ZMBH)
DeepDCarb – Deep Decarbonisation: The Democratic Challenge of Navigating Governance Traps
(531.250 €)
Advanced Grant01.03.2021 – 28.02.2026Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun, Institute of Political Science, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
STARLIGHT – Formation of the First Stars
(2.464.896 €)
Advanced Grant01.02.2014 – 31.01.2019Prof. Dr. Ralf S. Klessen, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics
BRONZEAGETIN – Tin Isotopes and the Sources of Bronze Age Tin in the Old World
(2.340.800 €)
Advanced Grant01.08.2013 – 31.07.2018Prof. Dr. Ernst Pernicka, Institute of Earth Sciences
ScienceFore – The Science of Forecasting: Probabilistic Foundations, Statistical Methodology, and Applications
(1.726.794 €)
Moved to Karlsruhe in 2013
Advanced Grant01.06.2012 – 31.05.2017Prof. Dr. Tilmann Gneiting, Institute for Applied Mathematics
ManISteC – Manipulating and Image Stem Cells at Work
(2.561.920 €)
Advanced Grant01.04.2012 – 31.03.2017Prof. Dr. Joachim Wittbrodt, Centre for Organismal Studies (COS), Faculty of Biosciences
GABAcellsAndMemory – Linking GABAergic Neurones to Hippocampal-Entorhinal System Functions
(1.870.000 €)
Advanced Grant01.07.2010 – 30.06.2015Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer, Clinical Neurobiology
ICD – Intermolecular Coulombic Decay and Control of Photoinduced Processes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
(1.950.000 €)
Advanced Grant01.01.2009 – 31.01.2015Prof. Dr. Lorenz Cederbaum, Institute for Physical Chemistry
Nuclear Calcium – The Biology of Nuclear Calcium: General Principles of Adaptions and Strategies to Develop a Light-Induced Signalling Enhancer
(2.400.000 €)
Advanced Grant01.01.2009 – 31.12.2014Prof. Dr. Hilmar Bading, Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences (IZN)
PHANTOMMIND – Phantom Phenomena: A Window to the Mind and the Brain
(2.300.000 €)
Advanced Grant01.01.2009 – 31.12.2014Prof. Dr. Herta Flor, Central Institute of Mental Health
HEPCENT – Molecular Analysis of Hepatitis C Virus Neutralization and Entry for the Development of Novel Antiviral Immunopreventive Strategies (as co-investigator)
(806.800 €)
Advanced Grant01.04.2009 – 30.09.2013Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager, Centre for Infectiology
PHOTOMECH – Photomechanical Writing of Cell Functions
(2.433.445 €)
Consolidator Grant01.05.2021 – 30.04.2026Prof. Dr. Selhuber-Unkel, Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering (IMSE)
RADICOL – Mechanoradicals in Collagen
(1.998.873 €)
Consolidator Grant01.06.2021 – 31.05.2026Prof. Dr. Frauke Gräter, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)
RTFT – Random Tensors and Field Theory
(1.493.935 €)
Moved to Heidelberg in 2020
Consolidator Grant01.09.2019 – 31.08.2024Prof. Dr. Razvan Gurau, Institute for Theoretical Physics
OntoTransEvol – Ontogenic Transcriptome Evolution in Tetrapods
(1.535.488 €)
Consolidator Grant01.10.2015 – 31.01.2020Prof. Dr. Henrik Kaessmann, Center for Molecular Biology (ZMBH)
DecOmPress – Decoding Spatio-temporal Omics in Progressive Neuroinflammation
(1.500.000 €)
Starting Grant01.01.2021 – 31.12.2025Dr. Lucas Schirmer, Medical Faculty Mannheim
UniRand – Random Unitaries in a Rapid Optical Lattice Simulator
(1.497.701 €)
Starting Grant01.01.2021 – 31.12.2025Dr. Philipp Preiss, Institute for Physics
pCx4All – Calix[4]pyrrole for p-block elements: anti-van't Hoff-Le Bel configuration and ligand-element cooperativity revive the standard oxidation states
(1.499.500 €)
Starting Grant01.11.2020 – 31.10.2025Dr. Lutz Greb, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
NeuroVascular Link – Neuro-vascular communication in the neural tube during development
(1.498.419 €)
Starting Grant01.12.2012 – 30.11.2018Dr. Carmen Ruíz de Almodóvar, Heidelberg University Biochemistry Center (BZH)
THERMOREG – Peripheral and Central Mechanisms of Temperature Detection and Core Body Thermoregulation
(1.400.725 €)
Starting Grant01.02.2013 – 31.01.2018Prof. Dr. Jan-Erik Siemens, Pharmacological Institute
EN-LUMINATE – Enhancing and Tuning Electroluminescence with Nanoantennas
(1.496.684 €)
Starting Grant01.12.2012 – 30.11.2017Prof. Dr. Jana Zaumseil, Institute for Physical Chemistry (PCI)
AMPCAT – Self-Amplifying Stereodynamic Catalysts in Enantioselective Catalysis
(1.452.000 €)
Starting Grant01.01.2011 – 31.05.2016Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
NoT – Narratives of Terror & Disappearance
(1.200.000 €)
Moved to Konstanz in 2011
Starting Grant01.04.2010 – 31.03.2015Prof. Dr. Kirsten Mahlke, Department of Romanic Languages and Literature
AtomPhotonLOQIP – Experimental Linear Optics Quantum Information Processing with Atoms and Photon
(1.435.000 €)
Starting Grant01.07.2008 – 31.12.2013Dr. Jian-Wei Pan, Institute for Physics
BioStruct – Multiscale mathematical modelling of dynamics of structure formation in cell systems
(750.000 €)
Starting Grant01.09.2008 – 31.08.2013Dr. Anna Marciniak-Czochra, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)
IWASAWA – Iwasawa Theory pf p-adic Lie Extensions
(500.000 €)
Starting Grant01.07.2008 – 31.06.2013Prof. Dr. Otmar Venjakob, Institute for Mathematics
ECOGAL – Understanding our Galactic Ecosystem: From the Disk of the Milky Way to the Formation Sites of Stars and Planets
(2.718.499 €)
Synergy Grant01.05.2020 – 01.05.2026Prof. Ralf Klessen, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics
DECODE – Decoding Context-Dependent Genetic Networks in vivo
(2.812.500 €)
Synergy Grant01.07.2019 – 30.06.2025
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Lohmann, Department of Stem Cell Biology / Centre for Organismal Studies (COS);
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Boutros (Koordinator), Division of Signaling and Functional Genomics, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ);
  • Dr. Wolfgang Huber, Genome Biology Unit , European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL);
  • Dr. Oliver, Stegle, European Bioinformatics Institute, EMBL-EBI
IndiGene – Genetics of Individuality
(4.003.613 €)
Synergy Grant01.02.2019 – 31.01.2024
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Wittbrodt, Centre for Organismal Studies (COS);
  • Prof. Dr. Ewan Birney (Koordinator), European Bioinformatics Institute, EMBL-EBI