Field of Focus IIIResearch Council


The role of the Research Council of Field of Focus 3 is to coordinate interdisciplinary research, to identify new areas of research, and to support promising research projects through start-up financing. In this way, Field of Focus 3 can further develop the specific profile of the humanities at Heidelberg University, give fresh impetus through relating emerging fields, and support projects that involve cooperation with other the other Fields of Focus of the University. At the most basic level, it supports young researchers and gender equality within the Field of Focus 3 and its numerous institutions.


Debuty Head


Dr. Nele Schneidereit

Nele Schneidereit has been Scientific Managing Director of the Research Council of Field of Focus 3 since 2019. From 2015 to 2023, she was also responsible for the scientific management and coordination of the CRC 933 “Material Text Cultures”. As a trained science communicator (Master of Science “Science Communication and Marketing”, TU Berlin 2017), she took over the public relations work of the CRC 933 (2015-2019). Postdoc in the philosophical subproject of the CRC 804 “Transcendence and Common Sense” at the TU Dresden with a focus on everyday morality, moral intuitionism, moral philosophy of the 18th century and Kant (2009-2015). Prior to this, assistant at the Chair of Practical Philosophy at the TU Dresden (2006-2009), doctorate in 2008 with a social philosophy thesis on “The Dialectic of Community and Society - Basic Concepts of a Critical Social Philosophy (Tönnies and Plessner)”, 2004-2006 funded by the Studienstiftung. 2004 and 2005 research assistant at the office of the National Ethics Council Berlin. From 1998-2003 studied German, Philosophy and Sociology in Cologne, Berlin and Santa Barbara, USA (Master of Arts 2002).

Dr. Nele Schneidereit