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In the humanities, access to sophisticated technologies and research tools plays an increasingly important role as the availability of digital data increases. Qualitative and quantitative methods are combined at the interface with social sciences and computer science. At the University of Heidelberg there have been numerous activities in the field of Digital Humanities (DH) in recent years – research projects, workshops, summer schools, or think tanks. In addition, infrastructures have been established for digitisation, the creation of digital editions, data modelling and publication, and the curating and archiving of research data.

Building on these structures, the Research Council of the Field of Focus 3 is establishing the "Forum Digital Humanities". It serves as an association and representation of interests of the existing institutions and projects. The Forum consists of a board of directors, a service center and a working group, through which new developments in Digital Humanities can be directly integrated into strategy development. University members can become members of the Forum DH through the working group. Dr. Florian Nieser coordinates the Forum. In addition to those responsible at the University Library, the University Computer Center and the IWR, he is a central contact person for all matters concerning Digital Humanities at the University of Heidelberg.

Scientific coordination
Dr. Florian Nieser

All applications for funding under the Excellence Strategy for Digital Humanities projects have to be directed to the Forum. It supports in particular the subject areas Digital Heritage and Digital Linguistics.