Heidelberg Center for Digital HumanitiesServices

The HCDH supports the central service partners of the Heidelberg University with assistance in basic work steps of prospective and ongoing DH projects. The UB Heidelberg provides services in the areas of digitization, publishing, consulting. The University Computing Center (URZ) is the central IT provider of the University and offers services in the areas of data management, high-performance computing and other (virtual) infrastructures. The Competence Center Research Data (KFD) is a joint institution of the University Library and the URZ and offers central services for archiving and publishing research data. The Software Service Center (SSC), located at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), will support projects in the field of software programming with its Scientific Software Engineers.

The Services pursue the following goals:

  1. Establishment of a transparent and productive exchange of information and services between DH projects and service facilitie,
  2. Systematic and coordinated services of the participating institutions in the field of DH according to a joint service portfolio; the autonomy of the respective service partners is preserved,
  3. Further development of the service portfolio through involvement of the working group.

Service partners for your project planning

The Service partners will assist you in your successful project planning right from the get go. The variety of different services provided by the individual partners associated with HCDH cover almost every aspect from project planning and implementation to data archiving. To successfully plan and cooperate with the service providers, it is necessary to ask the right questions at the beginning of the project. Therefore, individual institutions put together a catalog of questions for an initial orientation at the beginning of the project. Typical questions lead to the individual service providers, whom you can contact with your respective questions.

For further inquiries, please contact the HCDH management, Dr. Florian Nieser (florian.nieser@uni-heidelberg.de).