CallsFlexible Conference Fonds

Objectives: Strengthening the research profile, promoting the expansion of extramural collaborations.

Preliminary remark: The funds of the University of Excellence are earmarked, they serve the strategic further development of the university in the field of top-level research and may only be used for the purpose of profile building of the Field of Focus 3 or Heidelberg University, internal and external networking, promotion of young researchers as well as transfer.

Funding is provided for larger interdisciplinary conferences/summer schools from the thematic spectrum of the Field of Focus 3. The research foci are:

  • Knowledge research
  • Cultural heritage (in cooperation with the flagship initiative Transforming Cultural Heritage)
  • Disorder/disorder/transformation
  • Corporeality/embodiment/synesthetics/interaction


The alignment of the conference must strengthen the profile of Field of Focus 3 in one of these foci through networking within the university and/or with external collaborative partners. Networking with the already funded structure closest to the topic must have already taken place at the time of application. It must be apparent how the targeted knowledge transfer of the research results is planned.

Type of funding: Material and personnel funding (auxiliary funding) can be applied for.

Consultation: Before submitting an application in this funding line, consultation with the office of the Research Council of FoF 3 is required: Dr. Nele Schneidereit (nele.schneidereit@uni-heidelberg.de).

Maximum application amount: 15,000 EUR

t are all scientists with at least a doctorate from Heidelberg University or doctoral students together with at least one scientist with a doctorate. The application or involvement of young scientists is strongly encouraged.


Required information:

  • Conference title
  • Participating disciplines
  • Abstract (max. 1,000 characters)
  • Detailed description with regard to objectives, state of research, expected networking/profiling, yield as well as transfer measures
  • Preliminary conference program
  • Financial and time schedule (broken down by calendar year)
  • Brief information on the applicants (short CV, selected publications)
  • Total maximum 10 pages (usual font size etc.).

Call deadline: Please send your application in electronic form (summarized in a PDF document) with the subject “FoF3-Transfer” to Dr. Nele Schneidereit (nele.schneidereit@uni-heidelberg.de).

Call deadline: currently none.

The proposal will be submitted to the Research Council of FoF3. The RC will make a funding recommendation on which the Rectorate will decide. If you have any questions regarding the call for proposals, please contact Dr. Nele Schneidereit by email.