External Advisory Board

The FI EMS Board is advised by an External Scientific Advisory Board consisting of outstanding national and international scientists in the field of "Engineering Molecular Systems". The members have an academic or industrial background and cover the various interdisciplinary topics EMS accounts for. Reviewing FI EMS projects and giving long term advice to the FI EMS Board are the main tasks of the External Scientific Advisory Board.

Members of the External Advisory Board


Prof. Dr. Frank Allgöwer
 Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dietz
Biomolecular Nano-Technology, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Prof. Dr. Stephan Grabbe
Department of Dermatology, University of Medical Center Mainz, Germany
Prof. Dr. Stéphanie Lacour

Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces, Institute of Microengineering & Institute of Bioengineering, EPFL, Geneva/Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Martin Möller
DWI Leibniz-Institut für Interaktive Materialien, Aachen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller
Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, ETH Zürich, Basel, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Lydia Sorokin
Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University of Münster, Germany
Prof. Dr. Matthew Tirrell
The University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, Chicago, USA
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Voelcker
Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Monash University, Australia
Dr. Roman Zantl
Ibidi GmbH, Gräfelfing, Germany