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Clusters of Excellence

Continuing to develop existing Clusters of Excellence is an ongoing process at Heidelberg University, and new initiatives are constantly being identified for the next round of calls in the context of the Excellence Strategy. This process is coordinated and accompanied by the Commission for Research and Strategy. The Commission first issued a call for ideas at the end of 2020. Since then, the Commission has regularly examined the initiatives and discussed how they fit into the university’s overall Excellence Strategy. The next step in the process is to be available for focusing and expanding on the ideas. Along with critical appraisal, the Commission members, particularly the two spokespersons, give support and advice to all networks in individual conversations and also in joint briefings.

For further information on the process, interested scholars and scientists are requested to contact the Excellence Strategy Office / Office of the Commission for Research and Strategy.

University of Excellence

The Commission guides the implementation and design of projects and measures within the University of Excellence funding line. It discusses the strategic orientations of action taken in the individual Fields of Focus, the interdisciplinary incubators, developments in the field of transfer, the fostering of transformative research, aspects of human resources development and generally expanding the research portfolio. The Commission will provide essential support with preparations for the evaluation of University of Excellence funding by the German Council of Science and Humanities.

Research data management project

In order to expand the management of research data, Heidelberg University has set up a Planning Group, which will establish what is required of research data management for the whole university and draw up an implementation plan. Composed of professors from every academic field at the university, it is tasked with developing a system to meet the needs of researchers from all disciplines.  The Commission for Research and Strategy will provide support for the Planning Group. The implementation of the system is to be a joint operation by the university’s central operating units.

Dr Georg Schwesinger, Coordinator of the Planning Group on Research Data Management

Members of the Planning Group


Prof. Dr Matthias Bartelmann
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Prof. Dr Nikolas Jaspert
Department of History
Prof. Dr Jan Lohmann (Head of the Planning Group)
Centre for Organismal Studies (COS)
Prof. Dr Patrick Most
Molecular and Translational Cardiology Division

Medical Faculty Heidelberg
Prof. Dr Dr Eva Winkler
National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT)

Medical Faculty Heidelberg