Rectorate Universität Heidelberg Establishes AI Board

8 July 2024

Interdisciplinary committee advises Rectorate on issues of artificial intelligence

In an effort to provide scientifically sound support for the challenges associated with the use of artificial intelligence in research, teaching and transfer, Heidelberg University has set up an AI Board. The main duty of the interdisciplinary committee is to advise the Rectorate and develop and discuss guidelines for all the university’s strategic fields of action surrounding artificial intelligence. The responsible parties within the Rectorate are the Vice-Rector for Research and Digitalisation, Prof. Dr Andreas Dreuw, and the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching, Prof. Dr Silke Hertel. Speaking on behalf of the committee are Prof. Dr Tristan Bereau, a researcher at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, and his deputy Prof. Dr Georgia Koppe from the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing.

The AI Board, established by the Rectorate of Heidelberg University, is made up of researchers and students who look at the topic of artificial intelligence from different disciplinary perspectives. In view of the requirements of a liberal, democratic and social constitutional state, they advise the Rectorate on all questions relating to the use of AI in research, study and teaching, transfer and continuing education, as well as on issues of strategic development in these areas. The AI Board also discusses assessments of ethical aspects of artificial intelligence and issues of risk management and develops recommendations accordingly. It also supports networking efforts with external partners and the communication of science to the general public.

Representatives of Heidelberg University from the humanities, engineering sciences, life sciences, natural sciences and social sciences as well as from the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, the Heidelberg Center for Digital Humanities and heiSKILLS, the university’s Competence and Language Centre, are all involved in the AI Board. In addition, the Board also includes researchers from the CZS Heidelberg Center for Model-Based AI, the STRUCTURES Cluster of Excellence and the AI Health Innovation Cluster.