RankingUniversität Heidelberg Best German University in Latest Shanghai Ranking

16 August 2023

Compared worldwide, Ruperto Carola improves by 15 places over last year to rank 55th

As Germany’s best university, Heidelberg University leads the national field in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2023, which has just been published. In this so-called Shanghai Ranking, it is ahead of the Technical University of Munich (ranked first in 2022) and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (second in 2022), which now share second place in Germany and 59th place internationally. Worldwide, Ruperto Carola has improved by 15 places to rank 55th.

Like last year, a total of four German universities have been placed in the Top 100. Besides Heidelberg and the two Munich universities, the University of Bonn is also among them, ranking 67th. Ruperto Carola last took top position in Germany in the Shanghai Ranking in 2019. Compared to other European universities, Heidelberg University has now moved up from 22nd to 16th position.

The Shanghai Ranking primarily measures a university’s academic influence, making research a key factor in the evaluation. Publications and citations in international scholarly journals each make up 20 percent of the final score, as do the most frequently cited scientists, and also researchers winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals. The remaining indicators include, inter alia, the Heidelberg alumni who have likewise received one of these two prestigious awards.