Heidelberg UniversityRector of Heidelberg University Will End His Third Period of Office Prematurely

11 May 2022

Close cooperation with the re-elected team of Vice-Rectors until the end of September 2023

The Rector of Heidelberg University, Prof. Dr Bernhard Eitel, will end his third period in office at the head of the university prematurely, on 30 September 2023. “I take this step with the greatest awareness of responsibility for our academic community – an aspiration that has always guided me in past years, too,” says Prof. Eitel. “As of 2024 the Excellence Competition will enter into a new phase, and I am convinced that it will be advantageous for the university if I can hand over my responsibilities to my successor with a sufficient lead time.”

After announcing his decision on Tuesday (10 May 2022) to the University Senate, Prof. Eitel added: “Heidelberg University has developed in an outstanding way in the past years and raised its profile on the competitive international scene. A new Rector should have enough time to craft the future priorities in the Excellence Strategy together with the colleagues in the next few years and to broadly establish them in the university.” Bernhard Eitel said that he looked back at his now 15-year period in office as Rector of the University with great appreciation. “I am, and remain, grateful for the trust as expressed in my twofold re-election. This period has been and is shaped by achieving, and defending, the outstanding position of Ruperto Carola in the Excellence Competition – together with many enthusiastic allies.”

In his position at the head of Heidelberg University, the Rector will continue to work closely with the present team of five Vice-Rectors until he leaves office. At its session on 10 May the Senate approved the extension of their terms of office. They are Prof. Dr Jörg Pross (Research), Prof. Dr Karin Schumacher (Quality Development), Prof. Dr Anja-Désirée Senz (Student Affairs and Teaching), Prof. Dr Matthias Weidemüller (Innovation and Transfer) and Prof. Dr Marc-Philippe Weller (International Affairs). According to the Higher Education Act of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the periods in office of Vice-Rectors expire with that of the Rector. A further member of the Rectorate is Dr Holger Schroeter in the function of Kanzler and Director of the University Administration.