UniversityPoster Calendar for 2024

19 December 2023

Large-format poster shows glimpse of the exhibition “Timeline Evolution”

A new permanent exhibition at Heidelberg University’s Centre for Organismal Studies traces the course of evolution – the development of life. The new Heidelberg University poster calendar shows a small excerpt of this interactive presentation, entitled “Timeline Evolution”, and gives an inside view of building 231 on the Im Neuenheimer Feld campus where the exhibition has been installed. The large A2 format poster calendar for 2024 has just appeared.

Poster Calendar for 2024

The exhibition deals with the history of life right up to present-day questions of biological research – starting from simple life forms in which DNA represented the building instructions, and structure and metabolism were passed on by simple protein networks. It was from such primeval cells that, in the course of evolution, all other cells emerged, giving rise, in their turn, to multicellular organisms. This pathway is traced for animals with the assistance of objects from the Zoological Collection. Some of them are over 200 years old and are here situated in the context of present-day research.

Members of the university and interested individuals can pick up the new poster calendar from the internal post rooms in the university administration (Seminarstraße 2) and Im Neuenheimer Feld 367, room 021.